358/365 When my son wrote about success and Racism

When I started this project I also made my son embark on a similar project. He initially did the daily blog and then moved to doing it weekly when the school started. He has switched again to the daily mode when school closed for vacation.

Recently he made two posts. One about success and one about racism. Both posts made me feel good. One had the breadth and one had the depth that made me happy.

On the post on Success he had the breadth to understand that success is not just that is obvious and acknowledged. It is layered, it is multifaceted, it is contextual and it is subjective. If we want we can find so many variations of success out there and we will still be left with more. The point is we all have a life to live and experience and see for ourselves. We have a life to have a mix of success and failures and that is what makes this life worth living.

Not his exact words. But you can read the blog post here.

His post on racism had the depth to see things from the deepened positions of where it is felt. A few days back I had written about unconscious bias. How for the victim it does not matter whether the bias was conscious or unconscious. Reading my son’s post I felt he now knows it at 15 when I kind of figured it out when I am 50. 

When we read and speak to our kids we can find our way through the chatter and find that they understand a lot of things unlike us, and yet we try to make them like we were as kids. We only find the problems with the new generation and not the best of it.

Here is his post on Racism

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