357/365 – I missed Blockbuster yesterday

Yesterday I was browsing Netflix. Then I switched to Amazon prime and then finally on to YouTube and then back to Netflix. I might have spent half an hour browsing and I missed this card. 

I took a picture a while back because I had a blockbuster card with me. I could not find it now. I don’t know if I have the real card either. You have no idea how much time of my life I have spent in video shops undecided and want to take all the movies home. 

I know Netflix and Amazon Prime and YouTube and Hulu and all these technologies have made things easier. But this card reminds me of a human connection that is no more there. I am sure there are other areas where it is lost. 

I am not saying that the old ways were better. Just that when I go there, I have met people I know. I have had small chats. Sometimes after that we spend time outside talking about life and work and society. 

Yes, Social Media does try to cover it, but mostly the communication is not even with people we know in person. There was a warmth that I miss now. I am not sure of you. Even people I don’t know but we see so often and we connect. 

I am sure there are many other places to make such connections. But I also acknowledge that life is changing.

We live in an abundance of what to watch. As a result of which I think I spend more meaningless hours glued to the TV. And I only see so little movies that really touch me. And I have figured they are also not the most popular ones. 

I missed Blockbuster today. It was not easy to drive and get it. But there is something back then that I miss… I had to say that without hurting those in the streaming wars 🙂

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