359/365 As the projects wind down I am stuck 

There are only a few days left and I figured out that the last few days are taking way more time than I expected. Yes I had Covid and also things got a bit hectic both on the home and work front. But that is no excuse, I just feel stuck again.

I am not sure if it is that I have lost the thread or I have lost the interest in doing this. Maybe I feel that it is only a few days to finish and so I have the luxury to delay. 

I don’t think that is the reason. Lately I took up some other content projects and got stretched thin. And I understand that one should not do it. I have also not done my English podcasts for a few weeks now. I also got busy in the office.

I think this has become a blogpost just for excuses, But why? Why would I want to give excuses. I have no clue.

Every time before when I got stuck it was matter of a day. This is not usual. If I had followed everything properly I would have finished this project on June 24th and I am doing this 13 months plus instead of 12 months.

When I wrote that last sentence, I feel lighter. Not that bad honestly.

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