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At Penpositive we are in the pursuit of the meaningful; To Live life, Enjoy work, pursue a passion and continuously Learn and Improve. And we do it the agile way…

What is Penpositive?

Agile at work might only be half the story…. the other half should be about being minimal. agile without being minimal somehow seemed incomplete. Wouldn’t it be best to be both agile@Work and minimal in Life. Hence we came up with the concept of Minimal-agile. 

We create content, run online and onsite sessions and coach individuals and teams to enrich career and life and to strive for continuous improvement. Doing it as passionate agilists do…. educate, support, remove impediments and thrive!!!!


Vinod Narayan

Minimal agilist |  Content Creator | Coach | Poet | Vlogger

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Vinod Narayan

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Minimal agilist | Content Creator
Coach | Poet | Vlogger