Penpositive Media & Learning experiments at the intersection of Education, Entertainment & Social Awareness. Agile Consulting Focusing on Self organization. Making your Sprints Positive through learning and improvement Scrum Coaching Make your Teams passionate and positive about Scrum with a Sense of urgency to deliver Value Penpositive Outclass Multilingual Online Courses on a range of Topics. Education is not the only focus, but also Entertainment Talks & Webinars Make your Teams passionate and positive about Scrum with a Sense of urgency to deliver Value

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It is a VUCA world. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous. And it is changing fast, The best approach is to be Agile. Being Agile is a Journey & a mindset that sets you apart as you focus on Value Delivery. We help individuals, Teams & Organizations Be Agile. Even Agile Teens


Content is key in the digital world. We either create content or consume content. Sometimes we ourselves are the content. At Penpositive we create content through Videos, Podcasts, Conversations and Social Media engagements. Let us collaborate and create Content


Is your Sprint Positive? You might never have encountered this question in the agile world. It does not exist. For us a Positive Sprint is one in which you have learned, have some action items and are not doing a mechanical ceremonial iteration. Contact us to make your Sprint Positive.


Is your Team Scrum Positive? We ask that because not everyone who follows Scrum understands it well. Our Scrum Positive program is a mix of Training and brainstorming that helps teams retrospect, learn and plan further iterations. Contact us to make your team Scrum Positive.

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Language : English   |   Duration : 60 Minutes   |    Lectures : 20 All our professional and personal lives go through stages. Many times they inte...
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Minimal Agile

Minimal in Life and Agile @ Work | Notes & Thoughts from a Minimal-Agilist
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