308/365 Time for some counseling sessions ?

I used to think that depression means one is always sad till I met with a counsellor a few years back and I figured it is not that way. I went for a few therapy sessions in 2016 or 2017. I think talking to the person helped. I can’t really say. I have not seen anyone for a while now and maybe it is time to have a few sessions.

The one thing that helped is getting over that taboo to go and meet someone and tell someone that you have a problem and need help. I know many people for whom I have recommended them to go and see a professional. They never do. I live in the United States and even here there are so many people who don’t get help.

Why do I think I need to go now? Well… of late I have found my moods go to the extremes. Not anger issues, which I do have. This is more like feeling so elated and full of life in the morning and just like a diffused balloon you are done by evening. 

Some days it is the exact reverse. I am totally deflated in the morning and then I start getting pumped up by the evening. It is not impacting work, but there is so much chatter in my mind. This writing exercise is helping a bit as I have this time everyday when I get to think and write about topics out of the blue.

I have over the recent past heard a lot of podcasts and read a lot on the impact the pandemic has had on the mental health of people. Maybe we have entered a world where we all can use some help. 

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