309/365 While stopping at the Traffic Light

Yesterday while driving to the office I stopped at a traffic light. I have stopped there many times. Yesterday something happened. It has happened to me at many traffic lights and every time it makes my day.

I look at the person in the car next to me. For a moment we look at each other and almost the same time a wide smile appears on both our faces. A smile that passes our side windows and so sits next to them. 

The traffic light changes color and we both continue to where we are destined. My smile remains on my face for a while and there is also a warm feeling in my mind that continues even now. It was like that person’s smile was sitting next to me in the car.

I am sure that person also would have felt the same way. I cannot claim that this is how it always happens to me. Eyes do meet but then turn off without an emotion. For the next few days I want to try to smile at every person next to my car when I am in a traffic light and see how that will be. It will be an interesting experience. 

I am sure I will get smiles back. Even if there are some stares it is ok. Smiles don’t cost. They grow within… giving a warm feeling to all involved in the act

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