22/365 Our Existence Lies in other people’s Lives

The Pandemic has taken so many lives. Many people we know have left us. Last month I lost someone I knew very closely some twenty years back. There is no one day that passes when I don’t recognize my privilege.

Over the past one and a half year we have not just lost people to covid, but also to other reasons. Yesterday afternoon I got the news that someone I know very closely had passed away. He was not keeping well for a while. And that made me think ‘Our Existence Lies in other people’s Lives’.

We all think we exist as an individual, but I think we exist bits and pieces in other people’s life. And when someone leaves a part of us also leaves. Even we only exist in our memories, unable to reconstruct moments again.

This also makes me want to be more aware and considerate to the living. To relish the moment when we have it… to not put for tomorrow what needs to be done today.

The person who left us was a friend of my Dad as well as the Dad of a close friend. I was planning to visit him while in India and for some reason I could not. If I had taken a little effort I could have. Now when I look back I feel I should have…. Our Existence Lies in other people’s Lives…..

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