The PenPositive Story

Welcome to PenPositive; I am Vinod Narayan; I spend the early past of my career  as an entrepreneur in the Tech Service Industry in India and United States.

After 15 years in the Tech industry I discovered my passion for words and content creation and carved out two distinct spaces in my life so I can work on my passion for content.

During the next 5 years I powered my passion on the professional front and became an Independent Consultant facilitating Digital transformations using Enterprise Content Management Systems for multinational corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also engaged  my passion on the personal front by blogging, movie reviews, short stories, and poetry.

This opened way to poetry presentations, creative writing workshops, reading campaigns and poetry translations by famous and less known international poets, podcasting, Video blogging and other forms of personal content creation. It also resulted in two collections of published poetry and translations of over seventy international poetry works along with a video Channel and Radio Program. I also started a unique interview program in the car; InDriveView.

As an independent Consultant I also figured that I was attracted a lot to the Agile Scrum Philosophy both at work and in life. I started learning Agile Scrum at work and through certifications and switched my professional landscape to Agile/ Scrum Practice. After few years as an Agile Practitioner, I spent close to a year as a coach training aspiring Agile professionals over the internet helping them to certify and then decided thats where I want to be on a Professional area. My current interests also include on bringing Scrum into the arena of Life where we could use the principles to manage impediments in Life.

I currently have a career in Agile Scrum Practice and Coaching with a leading Technology company and use PenPositive as my avenue to bring my knowledge and experience to a larger audience. Through Blogs, 1 on 1 discussions, Projects, group initiatives and workshops on weekends I help people in building their passion, redefining their career goals and helping them create content. I call it life and career in the age of content.

From what I wrote above, don’t think it was all roses, just like anyone I have and continue to have my share of challenges, doubts, fears and set backs. But what is important is to keep pushing the pedal forward. That is the whole idea of PenPositive. It is not a place where you get discourses from an ‘all know it’ guy, but it is about sharing experiences and learning and growing together. This is me and I want to know you and this is where you can find me.

PenPositive in my opinion is a Life and Career blog that aims at providing resources to look at our Life, passion and career in a positive way. It is a place for people interested in developing their passion, Redefining their career or creating content for themselves or their business. It is also an avenue to present ideas and projects in creative arts, writing and literature that can help in content creation and collaboration.

The Power of the Pen, is not in the Color of the ink it Spills;
But in the Power of the Word it Spells.

Welcome to PenPositive and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the blog or if you just want to chat and talk on areas of passion and career and content.