Boundaries can limit thoughts and hamper growth. We are all aware of many such boundaries. Some are conscious and some are unconscious. Our professions can set boundaries for us, other people can do it, And sometimes we ourselves set the limits. It is important that as we go forward in life we should redefine our boundaries.

PenPositive is a place where we speak of Work, Career, Passion, Profession(s), Hobbies, Goals, Productivity, Creativity, Learning and other facets of life that we need to work on in order to redefine our boundaries. At PenPositive offer consulting and coaching that can help you rethink, reimagine and redefine your Life, both Professional and Personal.

The Founder
PenPositive is founded by Vinod Narayan. Vinod brings over 20 years in consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Coaching in the Technology Industry. He is an Agile Practitioner and Coach in the San Francisco Bay Area and started PenPositive to pursue his passion for Personal and Professional development, Writing, Training and Content Creation.

Apart from his professional interest to ‘Be Agile’ his personal interests include Poetry, Movies, Photography, Podcasting, story telling and content creation.

He strives to try out every single passion of his and he wants the same for others.  He believes that it is important for individuals and teams to redefine the boundaries that limit them.

The concept of PenPositive is to explore various approaches to life and work with the aim to prepare individuals to excel both in their Passion and their Profession.

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