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Professionally I am an Agile PM, Coach and Scrum Master and my interests span, content, poetry, movies, podcasts, education and more. Penpositive is a result of that. May be an info graphics would be the best way to take you through my Life/Career Journey. After 2019 with Covid and the aftermath, I am exploring more and will update this sometime soon. career timeline

No one really speaks of failures but I wanted to start with that. I failed in first grade. In fact the teachers told my parents that I will struggle if I go to second grade and so put me one more year as I saw my classmates move ahead of me. I wanted to make a point here for those people who think their kids are not learning like others and should be jumping two classes at a time. I failed in first grade but was admitted to one of the most prestigious institutions in India for my engineering.

As soon as I graduated from my college (yes I did complete, did not drop out) I started a company and became entrepreneur, first a computer hardware company where we assembled and sold PC ATs and XTs and 386 and 486 SX and DX and so on. I went on to start a Software Company trying to digitize the Indian and British Pharmacopeia much before the internet time. An ambitious project to connect Pharmaceuticals and Pharma colleges and Medical shops and Doctors and all. In parallel also got into Shrimp Farming.

Sometimes at the ripe age of early twenties when you swim too far into the ocean you might get lost. So after some failed businesses, my next reincarnation was that of a globe trotting employee in the Tech Service Industry in India, Dubai, UK  and the United States doing Product Marketing and setting up new offices in nascent markets and implementing CRM and Mid sized ERP during the old time of Siebel and Great Plains times.

After 5 years doing that I was back to entrepreneurship for 7 years in US selling software services. A time when I discovered a few things that would start my quest or the pursuit for the meaningful. Three things that I came across during that time paved the next part of my life.

First I discovered Content management as we were implementing open source CMS and fell in love with it. Next I discovered Blogging and that became a passion on a personal level. And then I learned about agile Scrum

I made a decision to quit full time entrepreneurship (I think I decided I was not good at it) and for the next 5 years I powered my passion content management on the professional front and became an Independent Consultant facilitating multi million Digital transformations using Enterprise Content Management Systems for multinational corporations.

On the personal front as a blogger I also dabbled on other content forms like movie making, short stories, and poetry. These interests opened doors to poetry presentations, creative writing workshops, reading campaigns, translations, podcasting, Video blogging and other forms of content creation. The result was two collections of poetry, translations of over 100 international poetry works, multiple Video Channels, Podcasts with a collective following of over 500K. 

My Personal website is which is more my random unfiltered personal thoughts on a range of things in the world we live and my creative persona

During my consulting Journey I discovered the Agile Scrum Framework and the next 4 years, I spend my time working with companies and individuals both learning and imparting my knowledge in Agile and Scrum. I still work in the Agile PM / Scrum space. 

PenPositive is where I bring my creative juices and also work with individual professionals who want to discover their content creator self. Contact me if you are interested.

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