15/365 My experience of not consuming news like before.

It has been more than a month that I stopped viewing the regular news that I used to watch. No YouTube, No following news channels on TV, No Social Media News outlets… nothing.

That does not mean I don’t consume news. My news consumption has moved to Podcasts. very focused and as per my choice. I want to share my personal thoughts on the same.

  1. I don’t go into a rabbit hole of clicking and consuming every other opinion
  2. As I listen I get time to think and process as well without visuals diluting my thought
  3. I feel less agitated (though I am not sure if that is the right thing)
  4. I am still trying to figure if I am missing anything. I don’t have a FOMO
  5. I need a bit more structure as I am still discovering the news on Podcasts.

Going forward I am also going to add something else into my news life. Reading in depth analysis on topics so one can understand some issues better. I am exploring the sources for that right now. More like an intentional consumption.

Well, it has made a difference in me in a way that it also stopped me from responding to anything and everything that is happening. I mean responding and posting on Social media. This has personally got me more time to do other things.

Again I am not sure if not responding to the news around you is the right thing. But my point is I am not the only person who should respond on social media, others can too and should too. Let us see. I will revisit this part in a month.

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