19/365 The Fame Trap on Social Media

The urge to be famous has created a sorts of trap in the social media era. Earlier in order to be famous one had to do something in life. May be accomplish something that had to do a lot with talent and hard work but now it is different and anyone can be famous.

Sometimes even notoriety is considered ok if you can be known by people. How many followers do you have seems to be a validation for what we are capable of. This is in my opinion wrong as I think this followers number on social media gives an unearned credibility for people.

I know that because I have 311K on FB, 100K on YT and 107K on Clubhouse. Does that mean what I say is always right? Absolutely not it just means that some of my content resonated with people at some times.

The trap however is not having followers, but influencers thinking that these followers put them in some kind of high position of sorts. There is another trap where people aspire to be like an influencer thinking that the life is so cool. This is also wrong as you talk to people with a ton of followers and they will tell you the pressure that it creates and the often meaningless moments you have to pass through.

I believe Social Media is a great way to connect and create a brand and make a space for oneself and that can be done even without a ton of followers. If what you have to say is unique you will slowly build a space for that. It is not how many follow, it is how many engage with you regularly. Those are two different things.

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