365/365 And the project comes to an end

I have mentioned before that I have done a similar 365 days project with my daughter when she was in high school. Now she has graduated from college and entering the professional world. My son has started this project though not on a daily basis.

I have seen the project help my daughter and I am seeing how it is helping my son find his voice as he writes. Today as I end this project I took up, I want to urge parents to see if their kids will be interested in a similar project.

We need to build a community of writers. Because writers are also readers and so are they thinkers. Writing is a form of creation that expands the horizons of those who write and those who read.

What next is also a question in my mind. I have been using this content for my Podcasts which have also been delayed for a few weeks. I need to focus on that and get things moving. I will take a short break and then get into writing a weekly post.

I think everyone who have been here and have read the posts. I sign off from Penpositive Outclass today and see you all in the podcasts.

Categories: Writing, Writing Project

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