364/365 When you have only one day to go

I started this project on June 24th last year and if I had written daily I would have finished on June 24th 2022. But today is July 31. I missed several days in between and on a stretch even a week as the project was coming to an end.

Today when there is only one day for the project to end, I want to reflect on a few things. Firstly I have to be honest that there were so many days I wished I could just drop the project. There are times when I cheated by taking an old writing and massaged it to be a new post. There were also times when Instead of writing daily I wrote for few days in advance and then scheduled them.

When I started the project my intention was to ensure that I write daily. Not to complete 365 days. But to write daily. And in that respect I have to say I did fail at times. But even after deviating from the commitment I finally am completing it. I don’t feel good about the fact that I cheated. Why would I do that?

This happens when you forget the real purpose and run after the end goal. What is the point of achieving a goal if the purpose of the pursuit is lost. I figured I had to write this before I finish the project.

What will be my plan after this? I will need to think and decide what to do. I will write about it tomorrow. Cheers till then !!!

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