331/365 When do we choose Hope

There are so many bad things happening around us. So many things that you want to be involved in as well. It is like you feel guilty if you do not speak up. One after the other, the issues you want to speak about never end. And then a point comes when you think, why is the world so bad? 

The other day I was speaking to someone and they said I know there are things that need to be changed but I decided that I will not spend my time on that. I will give people hope. I think it is more important for people. This has stuck with me since then.

After that I did two interesting types of content and both were received well. One was a video of a short drive I did. The other was a daily series on talking about an English word. A New word a day. That has also been received well. Both of these are in Malayalam. And now my question is what do I do in English.

I need a daily content format for a Video. I also need longer content ideas. I have some thoughts that I am toying with. If that works, I might have an interesting set to work on.

Hope can mean a lot of things to lot of people. Some hope is grounded in facts and reality and some hope can seem wishful thinking for others. Either way the need to have hope is so fundamental to us human beings I think. It can help us move the needle forward. Overcome a hurdle and even swim against so many adversities,

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