300/365 This is a good mark to think forward

So this is day 300 of the project. 65 more to go. I was thinkin what I gained doing this. And I could not single out one reason. Maybe what I gained is dormant. Obviously using your writing muscles might have added some value to me. I did not set out to gain followers or tons of likes. I did it more to see if I could do it. 

Why do we set such goals and take up such projects? I think it comes out of many different emotions. One might be to push ourselves in a direction. It could also spring from our feeling that we are not doing anything. I surely can boost our self image. Sometimes these projects make us feel worthy and we all can do with a bit of worth.

As I hit the 300 mark, I am thinking how the next 65 days should be ? I can continue as it is or I can approach it like a theme. What do I want? I want to sleep on that thought. I want the next 65 days to unravel before me even before I get started.

That should be fun.

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  1. I feel that doing hard things is good for us because it bestows us with confidence in ourselves, that we can take care of ourselves when disaster strikes, and that is reason enough for me to always challenge myself. Anyway, keep on keeping on! Am loving the updates.

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