244/365 Working From Office after 2 Years

The experience if I have to explain sits somewhere between surreal and Dejavu… I have worked from home so many times in my career… since 1993 when I ran my own small shop from my home… but I always had a choice to go to office.. or a client site.. if I wanted to… but pandemic kind of changed that… it was forced…

So during the last two years I also joined a new assignment and left it last week… everything remote… I loved my work there… it was comfortable…. no complaints… but I decided to take up a full time role instead of a consulting role….

I have been in office for last few days… and the experience is different… One it brings memories of being in office before… just that the mask makes you feel being in a spaceship…

After the first day my thought was how tough is it for my son the last one year wearing a mask continuously… In fact that thought brought tears in my eyes…

The next thought was… how difficult it is to smell one’s own breath… The second day I started carrying a brush and paste with me.. I brush two times while in office. See how it changes when we are the one impacted…

I have now got used to the mask… but I am hopeful we can get rid of it soon.. The county has taken out the mandatory mask restriction… but companies are continuing to impose the same to ensure the health and safety of the employees.

Having said all this… I personally feel good being in office… yes there are things that you end up not doing as being at home work and life are all intertwined…. now I get to demarcate and differentiate… I like that…

I know I have just joined and things will get busy and hectic in due course…. but knowing that there is a place where work happens is good… At least I personally think that way..

My daily exercise is impacted… But I will find that slot in the coming days… Not just exercise…. the one hour exercise and one hour of reading.. I have to find some creative ways to include this to the schedule.. I used to do this.. but after two years of working from home.. I had become handicapped a bit…

Anyway I am enjoying.. exploring this new aspect of life…..

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