EP 265 (201/365) Thinking about Death and Life

Can we think of life without thinking of death..? Or is that what we should do…? People often don’t want to think of death.. or speak of it and yet it is something that is for sure to happen.. whether you had a great life or not… We have a life means we will have a death

This post has the word death but it not about death…. it is about life… at least that is how I see it…. But I think we cannot fully be alive and embrace life if we don’t make peace with the eventuality of death.. Before we die we will have to see death…

Every death we witness or know will leave us a little less alive is what we will think… but I think it is the opposite… yes every death of what we love will create a vacuum and yes some of these vacuums get filed but some just remain a void…. But there is something else that happens…

Every death makes us think of our own mortality and that of others we love and one thing becomes very clear.. that this time we have is so precious that we can use it the way we want.. But use it knowing there is a day we will not have it anymore…

One of my recent read was Oliver Burkeman’s 4000 weeks.. then this year began with us losing our Cocker Spaniel Reyna.. And I think makes me realize how important it is to be alive daily and every present moment…

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