EP 242 (179/365) Standing up after a Fall

It is important that we stand up every time we fall because falls are inevitable in life and for life to move on we need to be in a standing position. To avoid a fall we should always be lying down and we do that only when we are dead

There is another reason why we should stand up and that is because we are unique. Our life is lived only by us and so the problems in our life the thoughts and actions that come with it are all ours. People can help us stand up, but only we can do it. No one can do it for us

Every fall is a lesson learned in life and to practice that lesson you need to stand up and walk. When I look back there has been moments I thought I will never recover from what I was going through.. I even feel that now.. but history proves otherwise…

May be tomorrow a magnificent fall might pin me down for a long time…. As long as it is not the last fall in life… I think there is hope… Some are more painful than others.. but there is hope… Again history teaches us that….

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