EP 234 (171/365) Work-Life Balance Part-1

One of the most commonly used phrases. I heard it first a few years into starting to work and I laughed at it because for me there was no much difference between the two. Work and Life were more or less the same. My friends were those with whom I worked and we worked on weekends and had drinks together and pretty much we were together the whole time be it travel, fun, leisure or work. This is a 3 Part Series and this is going to be first one….

Then things changed, jobs changed and changes started happening much faster and a life outside work started taking shape and I figured that there was a Work Life and a personal life.

I am not sure when that distinction came out. Kids, family, hobbies, old friends, family trips and so on. As that happened I started hearing that phrase ‘work-Life Balance’ more frequently than before. It was always there. I met people complaining the lack of it, many just avoiding the question all together and some faking it to feel good and so on. And some I know who live through it very well….

I have worked as a permanent employee, been an entrepreneur, been a consultant and so on and I have found that all the companies I worked in the past 10 years, gave/give me what I explain as a work-life balance. And I am saying that these ideas will never change.. it evolves… may be I will think differently sometime in the future.. I don’t know… I am just speaking my mind.

It might be the group I worked and groups represent my context of any company. And mind you it was not always all roses… I have had very hectic days in some of these companies and I have had relaxed days as well. I have faced multitudes of ambiguities, difference of opinions and lack of clarity like in any job. I have also taken some stress home and put it on my family…. A very bad thing to do….. I have also bought family stuff on to work in my laptop bag. I have also had my unrecommended brushes with people I work with. But in the total when you put a tab on things I have a very good feeling working with all these companies.

I will not get more into the detail of my work here because I would like to share my thoughts more on the concept as I see it… More on this tomorrow…

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