123/365 It is not enough to be on the right track, if you don’t move you will be run over

There are times when I question myself…. if I am on the right track…. What we navigate in life is not always black and white and there are so many grey areas. The question is if we are on the right track and it repeats itself. And we need to answer.. but it is not enough to be on the right track.

“It is not enough to be on the right track, if you don’t move you will be run over”…. I heard this quote in my twenties and my thoughts have changed a lot from what it was back then… at least on many aspects of life and career. But this one quote comes back to me often because the dilemma of being on the right track bothers me even now. Am I….on the right track…. ?

Being on the right track is one thing and keep moving is another thing. It is not enough to be on the right track… we should be moving… Today when I think about it… I believe moving is more important than being on the right track… because moving gives us experience and chances to change course if needed. just sitting on the right track wastes time..

I had a real experience of this quote later in my life. One of the first purchases I made after coming to US was a golf set… No… not because I am a big golf enthusiast.. Even now I have nothing much to do with golf…except going to the driving range once in a while. But I wanted to own a golf set… just wanted to and I bought it… Then after a while I decided try to play the holes. I was still finding it hard to hit the ball always… but I decided to play the holes…. Imagine my audacity… Anyway I go to the golf course with a friend…

After sometime I hear an announcement on the speaker and my friend who has a little more experience than me said…. “you know what.. you need to keep moving because others are coming.. we cannot spent a whole hour trying to put the ball in one hole… You have to keep moving or the ball can hit you… and you are also holding up the others…

We were on the right track for sure… but we had to move fast or will get run over… Another aspect of this quote is that… being on the right track is arbitrary… if you change the destination… which happens in life… the same track that was right a while back is not not so right anymore… and if you have not been moving or not agile…. it is hard to change course…

There is no point dreaming destinations without really moving… So keep moving.. be agile….

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