122/365 Life is shot at you point blank; it is here and Now

We all have limited time… though when we are young we think otherwise. The first time we hear death or see it we know life will end but we always feel that is a long time in the future. We have time.. And then years later it dawns on us that we have to be thinking otherwise. What happens in between these moments is also life… years of life…

I first heard this quote as part of a workshop where the instructor mentioned it to talk about the sense of urgency while we embark on doing something. It has stuck in my mind since then.

Now when I turned 50 this year I can seem to connect with this quote in many more different ways. When we are young we think we have all the time in the world. We are naive as well as hopeful that never think that time will abandon us. And then when we live through around 3 decades of adult life and look back and then look ahead we see time differently.

The interesting thing though is I have spend 32 years as an Adult, with the advancements in medical sciences I can expect another 30 years of functional life if nothing drastic happens. A life where I can add value and contribute and experience to the fullest… where fullest will need redefining as I age.. This means I am only mid way and this quote means a lot.

If I have to really live the next 30 years well.. Here and Now… the present matters a lot. In my 20s I was thinking about present when I should have also thought a bit about the future. That said I don’t want to spend the rest of my life thinking about the future when I should be really thinking about the present. So be the same way… I will think of future.. but more about the future of the next generation and beyond me… My actions in the present should be considerate of the future I might not live to see.

Here and Now has been a big tool for me… If I have an idea I give myself a certain time to act… 24 to 48 hours… And within that time I have to act. I am uncomfortable if that does not happen… But everything does not work that way… and then I forget it…. There is no point in wasting time on ideas that you will not act upon now. If it is important it will come back to you at a later time… You are just not ready now… so don’t waste time on it….. Life is about Here and Now… it is shot at us point blank… Act….. Act Now !!!

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