18/365 It is our responsibility to keep some people away from us

Unlike before we are not just connected to just a few people. We are connected to many and we also get to know new people every week. The question is should we get close and be connected with so many.

I think it is our responsibility to keep some people as far away from us as possible. There are people in this world who only make your life miserable. The only way out is to block them. These could be people with such an irritant value that their mere existence in your life can have negative vibes.

Now when I say that many might think if that is the right way to speak in public. Shouldn’t we not be loving everyone and being nice to everyone. We don’t need to be harsh with people but we should be free to block or ignore people. Everyone has their life and you have yours. Why should you tolerate people you do not like.

Yes we all live in environments where we don’t have that freedom as we would want, but it is our responsibility that our life is not impacted negatively due to them. I am all for love, but not for those whose only aim is to add dirt into ours. I know a few like that, and I have kept them away. Not worth it.

And if anyone things I am like that, you should keep me away as well. It is very difficult to be accepted and appreciated by everyone. And when I ignore someone, don’t feel bad… just think that I am not worthy for you. Chill and move on.

We have a short life and none of us want to be in the company of people we dislike.. do we?

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