InDriveView with Rajiv Nema Indori

InDriveView is a New Penpositive Project and here is the first episode with the one and only Rajiv Nema Indori What is InDriveView? InDriveView is a candid interview while driving where two people talk about life, work, passion, family, other people and stuffs that matter to them. About This Episode This First episode has Rajiv [...]

Why you should start or participate in Collaborative Content Projects

I do these content projects every now and then. One day a friend of mine asked. Isn't it too much work, won't you get boring? My answer was I will stop it when it gets boring. That choice to stop something when it gets boring is not something we all have with everything we do. [...]

4 Ways to celebrate the National Poetry Month This April

April is the month when the Academy of American Poets Celebrate the National Poetry Month. The idea behind this is to increase the awareness and appreciation of Poetry. A few years back I had written a Poem called “Why Poetry?” which I read every now and then because as I mentioned in that poem, Poetry [...]