Why you should start or participate in Collaborative Content Projects

I do these content projects every now and then. One day a friend of mine asked. Isn't it too much work, won't you get boring? My answer was I will stop it when it gets boring. That choice to stop something when it gets boring is not something we all have with everything we do. [...]

New Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera; A new Direction to his House :)

The Library of Congress has named Juan Felipe Herrera as the next Poet Laureate. He will be the first Latino poet to be appointed for the position. And now I guess he will add this new direction to his house :). Let me quote his Poem "Five Directions to My House Go back to the grain [...]

Writing and Publishing – How to Go About

Being a published Author is a dream for many and the book publishing landscape has changed tremendously making it easier for people to publish a book both print and digital. While there is a significant difference between self-publishing and being published through a reputed publishing house, self-publishing is here to stay with more writers who will continue [...]

Writing and the (in)Famous ‘No Time’ Excuse

When I say writing, I also mean typing. To be honest many of us find the traditional writing with a pen difficult and are more inclined to typing, again on a computer vs the typewriter. So why should you start writing. The simple answer is that you have to tell something, you have experiences that [...]