354/365 Victims and Ideas

Who is a Victim? Someone who is being victimized… pretty clear. Do you stand with the person who is victimized? Here one does not always get the same answer. There are some people who will change who the victim is just because they do not want to stand with the one being victimized. 

You dig deeper you will find that they don’t stand with the victim because they do not agree with that person’s ideology or thinking or religious beliefs or political position. This for me is an interesting topic because a victim is a victim whether you agree with their beliefs or ideology. 

One can and should be able to stand up for a victim whether they agree with them or not. This is of utmost importance for a fair society. Ideas clash, and they have done so for so long. When ideas clash it manifests as people clashing and people losing. But ideas remain.

We should be better now. We should be able to separate the victim from their idea and then address both separately. We live in a world where even the ideas you think are so bad for the world we live in can create victims who might need help. What do we do ?

Categories: Random Thoughts, society

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