347/365 A New Interest can come anytime

I have recently taken an interest in scribbling… Some say it is tough at this age… but then I say how else can I bring that kid in me alive again… here are some of them. I post them on my Penpositive Instagram account.

I know there are many artists out here… but I am thinking there are also people who want to try things but hesitant for any reason… go ahead do it… that is if you enjoy it…

Do things that you have always wanted.. don’t let other people tell you what you can and cannot… it is your life not theirs..

When I posted this online somewhere a comment came ‘Did you draw this when you were in first grade’

And I replied… ‘No I drew it recently and I am 51 🥰 But I think even the best artists cannot draw like this because there are hidden lines that show the enthusiasm of a first grader”

Here are some of them.

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