342/365 A Graduation Cermony

This Sunday was our daughter’s graduation ceremony from UC Santa Cruz. She now has a bachelors in Economics. As we were driving to Santa Cruz we (Me and my wife) were taking a trip through our memory lane.

I still remember when she was in 1st grade. She had just moved to California from Toronto and she had missed two months of the initial part. She was just learning to read. I still remember that she used to confuse between ‘it’ and ‘that’ and we were so worried. but then she moved on.

Another incident is in 2nd grade when she told us that she cannot read chapter books and can only read picture books. We asked her why she thought so and she said that one of the kids in her class told her that she is not good at reading and she can never read chapter books. But we told her she can and got her chapter books.

I remember when she finished reading her first chapter she had a sense of accomplishment. The feeling when we are told we cannot do something and then we do it.

I will be having a video on this soon. A conversation between me and my wife on the experience of the same. Will do a blog once we do that video.

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