329/365 What Podcasts do I listen to?

I think I first heard a podcast in 2012 Maybe. Then I dropped it for a year or so and then got back. I have been an active listener for around 8 years mostly listening while walking, driving and so on, just like other human beings.

If I remember correctly (And I might have mentioned this before) I started listening to ‘Hidden Why’ by NPR hosted by Sankar Vedantham. That is the one I remember as the start of my listening journey. I am sure I used to listen to that on Radio and then when I discovered Podcasts I continued. I loved it. I have listened to it for years.

Malcom Gladwel’s Revisionist History was another one and so was Adam Grant’s Taken for Granted. I say so because I have not heard these for a while now, though I have subscribed to them even now.

Over these years I have also discovered new podcasts and also stopped listening to some. If someone were to ask me what are the Podcasts I listen to now, here is the list. I look forward to new episodes and decide if I want to listen

  1. The Seen and the Unseen by Amit Verma
  2. No Stupid Questions 
  3. Conversations by Vox
  4. On Being with Krista Tippit
  5. The Next Big Idea
  6. The Journal
  7. HBR Ideacast
  8. Hello Monday
  9. The New Way we Work
  10. The Future of Everything
  11. Ideas of India
  12. Brave New World
  13. Masters of Scale

I don’t claim that I listen to all these every week. I do check what is in these podcasts. Some interest me, some don’t. I also regularly find new podcasts that I listen to. 

The interesting thing about podcasts is sometimes it takes time for us as a listener to start feeling in sync with the host and style of the podcast. Once you do that you start waiting for the episode to come by. That is how a week or day starts

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