324/365 I have started Counting my calorie intake

A few days back I was at an event and had been meeting friends after quite a long time. This was probably the first large function I attended. It was an event called Keralafest. It was organized by all the Malayali groups in the bay area. The idea was meeting friends and eating lots of food.

A close friend of mine who had been on some interesting diet and weight loss regimen for a while had also been there. In fact he came home and we drove to the event together. Once there I saw him eating things like nothing mattered. And I had to ask him.

I asked him how come he is eating all these high calorie stuff. There was Biriyani, fried snacks, beef curry and Dosa and sweets and so on. He smiled at me and said he counts his calories. I know counting calories was a thing, but I always felt it was so difficult.

I had tried many diets and some worked and some did not. Those that worked did not last long. I am sure many of you might connect with that experience. He told me that he is aware of the calories of everything he eats. He asked me to try it. He said he uses the My Fitbness Pal app on his phone. I have also used that before. But not sure what happened.

Now it has been a week and I started counting calories. I measure the portion I eat and I record it. I am just trying it out and don’t know how long it will last. The first week was ok. I had kept my intake to 1760 calories. I did not set it now, it was set before when I had used the App. I continued the same.

Except for one day I have been able to sit well within that calorie value. I do feel hungry at times but that is changing. I always carry some fruits with me and have stopped munching on snacks. But I do have chips every now and then and record that calorie. I am not going overboard as I did before. I remember eating too much before. 

I also noticed that sometimes I thought I was hungry and took more food, of course after checking the portion and then I felt it was too much. More like I am recognizing what I need. I think it is more about being aware of what I eat without feeling deprived of food. I think I am able to eat every kind of food.

I know this might be too premature to comment much, or say if it is working for me or not. Let us see how it goes

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