322/365 How I wear my Socks and tie my shoe laces

I recently bought a pair of slip ons. That is what I have been wearing more often. But I also have a pair of shoes that have laces.

The few days back I picked that up and I put on the right shoe first and started tying the lace. I felt something was not right. Not as it should be. But I carried on and put on the other one as well. And I moved on with life….

But this incident stuck in my mind. I started becoming more aware of my wearing my shoes and socks everyday. Subconsciously I started keeping notice.

I found something interesting. I had a pattern of putting on my shoes. I put on the left one first and then right one. I wear the left socks and then the right socks and then the left shoe and then the right one.

When it is a shoe without a lace to tie this did not matter much. Even if I had slipped it the opposite way I would not notice much because the time to slip on a shoe does not take time. But with a lace.. it changes everything. It feels odd… something not right 😀

May be you are thinking why is this such a big issue. No.. It is not a big issue. The point is there are so many things about us we just keep doing. Patterns that become part of us . Simple little things. But when they break the routine we realize it.

I think in this fast world we often forget to observe ourselves. Slight changes in all levels are ignored and brushed aside. I am not talking about a silly shoe lace tying.

Think about all the small insignificant things that really change with us. Feelings that we don’t have time to notice. Connections that we fail to create. I am not saying we have to be paranoid. But it is important to be in the present with ourselves. At least try at times.

One might wonder how does he have time to observe this and write it here. I don’t know but writing is an important activity for me for a while now.

Writing even if the topic seems irrelevant makes you observe the world around. It makes you look deeper. It forces you to think. It gives you a space to be with yourself

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