295/365 Being Forthright

Yesterday someone came up to me and told me about an issue they have with one of their colleagues. As I heard the person, he also told me something interesting. He said that he likes people who are open about the issues they have with others rather than those who hide what they feel. The person was telling me that while he had an issue, he was happy that he came to know of it directly from that person and not through other people.

We often are not that forthright. Not with our likes and not with our dislikes. But life becomes so easy when we get an opportunity to talk to people who disagree with us. I don’t think there is anyone who never has problems with others. If you are committed to your role, your work, your career, your value delivery and if you have ideas and you think in new and improved ways, you will have problems with other people one time or another. Because we are not the same. 

Imagine if we all keep our opinions to ourselves. How can we even solve problems. How can we address issues before they are blown out of proportion? How can we improve as a team, as a company, as a society?

An interesting thing about being at work physically in an office is that it helps you have these little conversations that make you think and learn and be a better self of yourself. 

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