270/365 There are two ways I can continue

I was taking a look at this writing exercise and I saw two different kinds of writing. One is just random musings that are more diary-like and other was more on a career, work life format. A Self Improvement style writing. And now my question is what do I follow.

When I started this writing project, I was also making podcasts of each blog post everyday as an episode on PenPositive Outclass Podcast. Later I moved that to weekly Podcasts and continued to write daily.

What I figured from the Podcast Analytics is that it was showing up on charts in the Self Improvement section and not in the personal stories or diaries section.

Now I am thinking whether I should make my blog just focus on self improvement and career topics or should I continue both. From what I know about myself, I get so bored if there is no variety. 

So I think I should have more variety. Short memories, random musings, Personal growth, Career thoughts and so on. I am also thinking if I can fix each day in one area and that helps me explore my ideas every day in a new area.

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  1. Just keep doing what you’re doing, that’s the best thing. And your blog will naturally evolve to what you’re more drawn to. I didn’t start out writing about writing (I actually started blogging through angsty failed-love stories, lol), but now I’m going down this path, and who knows what’s in store for the future? Wishing you all the best!

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