252/365 It rains and I feel I am going to my school

Even today when it rains on my way to the office… I feel like I am going to school….. I travel back in time…. And I have often wondered why that is so…

Maybe rain has that power to bring back memories….. Maybe because I have not experienced the bad sides of downpouring except for being wet… I am sure there are many who think of rain with memories that are painful…. we all don’t have the same experiences..

Two days back it rained…. My memory travelled back to my highschool time… our school was an old building.. a huge house which was once occupied by royalty… it was converted into a school…. not that well maintained though… We had classes across the building not just in rooms but some were also in open spaces…. meaning there was a roof but was not covered from all sides..

My memory went to my classroom which was a real room but the large windows did not close properly… and when it rains we had one and a half desk less to sit as water poured in…. Don’t even think it was due to lack of money… the school collected a lot of fees but remained that way….

In 2018 I made a trip there and walked through that old building.. it is not usable now due to its condition and kids study in a new building behind the old one… I took my son through the corridor and steps that we used to run and play….

I had to travel around one hour on public transport to reach school and when it rains… you have a pretty wet day…. and that starts from the morning…. during school and even on the way back….

I am not writing this in a bad way…. I don’t think I ever felt an issue with it… I was way more privileged than many people even in this way…. there were kids who had to walk to school… and rain was not just when they went to school… but also in their homes…

Even today we all think of rain in different ways… It is nice to think of it in romantic ways.. but I don’t think it invokes the same feeling for all… I just go back in time

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