238/365 Let us not keep our Passion Locked up

When we ask someone what their passion is, we will either get an answer or we will get a blank look. The blank look does not mean they don’t have one. It just means they have either not thought about it or it has been a very long time since they thought about it. And why does that blank look happen?

There are many people who believe they need a lot of time to work on their passion. But the fact is we do not need a lot of time, we need to just start. And some people do take a very long time to start. There are more people in this world who have their passion locked up inside them. Here is a simple way to get started. There can be many ways.. this is just one…

  1. First take a commitment to do something about it
  2. List everything you are passionate about
  3. Pick one that you will start working on
  4. Start reading about it, google it and see what people with similar passion do.
  5. Fix a day to start (I prefer starting the same day)
  6. Give yourself a dedicated month and commit that you will do something about it
  7. Allocate a small time daily for your passion. It can be as small as you want, just do it with discipline

One pitfall we fall into is that we make grandiose plans, buy equipments, spend money and so on, but never start working on it. Say if photography is our passion, instead of investing on a camera now and there, just start taking some interesting pictures with our cell phone.

If writing is our passion, start scribbling before we spend a lot of time for the best idea to come. The idea is to do something about our passion not setting stage for us to start working on it. Simple.

Never keep our passion locked inside, life is too short and we might lose the key

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