EP 270 (206/365) Anticipating Changes to Schedules

I have been podcasting daily for a while now… over 175 days and I think I have got what I wanted and so I am moving my Penpositive Outclass Podcast to a weekly podcast but the Daily Journal on the blog will continue… What did I plan to achieve by podcasting and why am I moving from Daily to Weekly now ?

When I started podcasting and did a few episodes I was not comfortable with it. I found that I was not getting the flow of doing it. I felt I needed practice.. The only way you can break your inhibitions and get better at something is by following a discipline and iterating on what you do…

The rule of thumb is that you will start sucking less at what you do when you keep doing it. I cannot talk for you listeners and you can judge if I have gotten better. What I can say though is that podcasting has become easier for me. But then why am I switching to a weekly Podcast.

Time… Yes that is the single big reason…. I am also anticipating that in the coming weeks and months for foreseeable future my time will be needed for a lot more things than my side hustles. There is also going to be some shifts in my daily schedules. This leaves so little space for some of my interests.

Time is one thing that we should plan for ahead. I am thinking that the daily journaling fits well into any change of schedule but podcasting needs me to be in a proper place with less distraction… this can be a challenge on a daily basis.

We also got a new puppy which means I will end up spending more time with her.. training and ensuring that I have the time needed for the same…

So will see you all every Monday.. Hope you will be with me to start the week every week… Wishing you all the very best for the week ahead…. But please check on the blog as I will be continuing the daily journal in writing.

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