EP 256 (193/365) Thinking of Super Heroes

My earliest memories was that of spider man that I used to watch in black and white… not even sure if it was english or farsi… because I watched them while living in Iran in the seventies.

Then I remember when the Christopher Reeves starer Superman was released… And also the TV shows that used to come… Batman and Robin was also there.. along with series like Bionic Women and Six million Dollar man..

But all these were not Indian super heroes… Yes there were mythological stories of people with super human strength…. but super heroism was not a current activity like in hollywood productions… In India they all happened in the past…

I guess they tried something every now and then… I have heard from a Telugu friend of mine that NTR the Matinee Idol of Telugu film industry had done a movie as Superman…. I have seen clips of it much later on YouTube….

Mr. India by Anil Kapoor was probably the one film that caught my interest in a very convincing.. Indian.. current way.. but even then it never really took off… May be because every masala Indian movie here had super human strength…. over the past several years we saw many people attempting the same.. with Rajini and Sharukh, Hrithik.. Abhishek and so on… some were hit and some not so… Especially I remember a movie called Drona that was such a poor show… May be it had this myth and current times all interlinked so audience can get lost…. while the ones that were a hit were more on par with our times…

Even then there was something missing and that was not having a Super Hero film in Malayalam…. There was a long wait… More on that tomorrow..

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