EP 248 (185/365) Transparency as a Tool of Success

Transparency can be a very useful tool.. especially when you work in teams. It helps us in building a connection between team members. Transparency will also bring the abilities and inabilities or the team to light. But if the team has been formed with a common goal in mind then team members help each other to succeed.

Now transparency without the urge to succeed or the commitment to progress is the end of the road for many. And that serves right because when you are in the team you need an urge to succeed and you should be willing to commit your time and energy for it, if not you should not be in the team, leave being transparent or opaque.

It is always good if you think you might have a few areas that you are not very thorough about to let your team know so you are able to contribute better before it is late.

This is also very true in a customer – vendor relationship. The surety on what can be done and what your capability is and informing it to your customer. Telling the customer that you are not capable of something might lose you an order, but in a good way and often referenceable for your transparency.

I have seen that in software services industry is over commitment and under delivery and a direct reason for this is competition and price negotiation. It is not ideal….

There are much in a vendor beyond actual capabilities and it is the willingness to be transparent. Being transparent is the first step to being ready. Transparency should be rewarded always be it among team members of between teams or between business and IT or between Client and Vendor.

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