EP 226 (163/365) Got my Booster Shot

I got my booster shot on Dec 1st… Previously I had received Moderna and so that is what I get as Booster as well…. When I got my Moderna shots people had said that many people felt shivers and were not feeling well… Luckily I did not feel anything much… just a soreness on my arm… And as I write this I still hear news of people who are not ready to get vaccinated….

I understand freedom… but if people become carriers of a virus and we want our kids to be safe and if there is a rising risk of them exposed if they get in touch with these non vaccinated people.. where does freedom stand… Freedom to sit at home and not vaccinate….. but freedom to not vaccinate and roam around and spread the virus…. I don’t think that is fair…

What takes priority… the safety of the people in the society or the whims and fancies and beliefs of a set of individuals…. There are people who will support either side.. But personally if you do not get vaccinated you are putting others also at risk… that should have a cost for you…. right…? At least that is how I see it….

As of now vaccination is our only way out.. I correct that… vaccination and precaution… Yes wearing masks even after vaccination… The world as we knew it might have changed… yes it is difficult for us to fully fathom that…. because we all find masks as restrictions…. but the rational approach is to be both vaccinated… stay masked and take precaution…

But if you look at it we are not as restricted as we were back in 2020 March… So things have improved… Yes I get it that there is more to change… but we cannot do that if we do not address it as a society.. I request you all to get vaccinated if you have not..

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