134/365 A bad day like any other bad day

A day can be bad for many reason.. today was one such… today means the day I am writing this blog… I am not sure which day you will read this… May be you will read this on a bad day for you…. I usually don’t have much reasons to feel bad on a day…. it goes on just like another day…

In the morning I read an article on Wall Street Journal about Toxic positivity… I have written about both Toxic Positivity before and also about Toxic Productivity before… Today when I read the article it dawned on me again… my mind wandered around and made stops in various parts of my life….

As individuals we all go through so much stuff both in our personal and professional life… things that are pretty big for us… but might not be that big an issue for someone else.. we don’t live in other’s shoes do we…

Then you have these people who come and give us the positive spin from a “Been there; know it all’ pedestal… and there is nothing more demeaning and Negative than that…Think Positive they say…

If anyone comes to us telling they are going through a tough time.. the least we can do is acknowledge it… No one is interested in pep talks to show how great our life is…. This is something I tell myself too.. because we also get into this trap of pep talks…

The rule book says that the immediate reaction to any negative news today is packaging it with a positive spin… We just ignore the reality.. If someone feels bad the fact is they are feeling bad.. be there for them.. period !!

Today everyone on the internet is a philosopher or Motivator or positivity guru… And even my community is called Penpositive šŸ˜‚ and my podcast is Penpositive Outclass…

But I don’t want people to be ‘Always On’ positivity junkies… I want people in my community and those who read and listen to me to be real people who have no problem acknowledging that we all have bad days and still we move on… we learn… we are there for one another…

Sometimes we are stuck… and yes… it feels difficult…. it is not easy… but ignoring it with a positive spin is no solution…. we all need to live through our bad days.. just like how the good days pass us… we cannot skip them.. Life is not a TV channel that we can change… Sometimes we have to binge watch through it…whether we like it or not….

May be we should be more Considerate and Kind rather than being Positive šŸ™

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