131/365 Correcting ourselves is the only choice we have

What choices do we have in our life…? Many…..? Multiple…? But our choices vary… it is tied to who we are.. our privileges… where we live… And so many other factors that impact not just our choices.. but also their availability to us.

Choices in one way or other have always fascinated me… may be because I attribute my life to the myriad of choices I made at one point or other. Not all to my own decision. I say that because I have made choices because I was forced into it as well. Nevertheless I have to own them now…

I can blame someone else… but that does not do any good…. I am the person living with the choice… not them… But Yes I can avoid those people who forced me to those choices.. And I do exactly that. There are people I have struck out of my life… without remorse… without guilt…

In the future also I will have choices.. and I will end up making one… it will define the path ahead. I agree that not all choices are life altering.. but I have come to think that may be even a minute impact…. every choice does…. every choice has some impact… I am the result of my choices…

We also tend to think our choices only impacting our life.. that is also not complete… in a world where we are so interconnected and interdependent our choices have an impact much beyond us… Yes we don’t choose just for us… and everything is connected… or most of it… We might live alone or in a small family.. but we cannot act in silo….

But there is one choice I guess that transcends time and privilege and age and everything.. it is the same for all of us.. that one choice is available to all of us… and not always do we make use of it.. It is the choice to correct oneself..

We do not live a life where we always do things that never will need correction.. I mean at least that is the way I see it.. our actions and decisions are based on the data in hand and many other factors… all subject to change…. So at anytime in the future we will also have a choice to correct… This one choice should be exercised.. exercised without guilt or ego…

Correcting oneself is probably that only one choice which we can be sure that we all had.. have and will continue to have in our life…

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