107/365 Honesty of Unknown People

It was last year… as the world was amidst the pandemic.. deaths mounting… no end in sight.. No news of vaccine.. at least for the common people like me. When hope was scarce, I got to witness an act of honesty. from a total stranger.

During the Pandemic I had created a course on Agile Thinking. A 4 plus hour course on how to be Agile. The course focussed on the Scrum Methodology. It is now available to purchase once you join the Penpositive.com Community.

But initially I had it uploaded on a hosted WordPress platform and then later moved it to another platform that was made specifically for courses. This was Pre-Penpositive Community era.

As you know when we move platforms moving users is one of the challenge. Not that I had a lot. I had around 1500 people who joined for free for a free course and around 20 people who had paid and joined the course. Well it is not that easy to get people to pay for a course. But that is not the point.

I had to go through a manual exercise to find people who had paid for the course and then give them access on the new platform. I send everyone an email. The email said something like this “You are receiving this message as you have been a user of the Agile Course that cost around $99 and since we have moved the platform, use this link to join and access the course there”

In a few hours I get an email from one of the person who had received this email. And he says… “I am sorry but I have not paid for your course, so you can remove me from the course”

I was intrigued and so asked him how come.. because I had his email as a paid customer. And he replied that he had tried to buy but then decided not to spend that money. He had put in his details and clicked the pay button, but did not proceed. Somehow that got written down as a paid customer in my system.

So he was indeed interested and price was the only issue and he could have kept silent and done the course. But No.. he did not think it was right for him to do that and he decided to email me. I told him that he made my day and I would like to grant him access for free.

Sometimes our day is made by the honesty of a stranger…. someone you don’t know.. but their act makes you believe in the best in our world. Gives you hope when you need it the most. A Thank You to that person… Thank You

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