100/365 Reflecting on 100 Days of Blogging

Today Marks the 100 days, I have been writing every single day and it feels good. Thought I will take some day to reflect on this and also see where it should take from here.

As I had started the blog and after a 3-4 weeks I thought I should use this as a podcast as well and I made the Penpositive Outclass a Podcast version of this blog. So it has also been 72 days of straight Podcasting.

The reason to start on a daily writing project is because I felt I have not been writing for a while, in fact since I forayed into Videos and Audio, Writing has been ignored. Also I figured that writing daily is what will help me find self.

There has been ups and downs and days when I had nothing to write and days when I did not make much sense. But even those days were days of learning for me. So a few days back I had an idea and I tried hard to write about it and wrote it. But even I was not convinced about it. It was shoddy in my opinion. But I let it be.. You are free to be shoddy as well, it is called being human. I don’t live in a Perfect world or lead a perfect life in an imperfect world. Just Human.

I took that same shoddy post and did the podcast in the evening and there I found how the same thought presented in two mediums and can bring a personal clarity to you. And I realized this effort was indeed becoming what I was calling it ‘The Journal of an Active Learner’

So today I think this is one of my high points of the day and we are also building a small community around this thinking that people are participating and I am amazed at the value people bring to table. People add so much value by just being themselves and that is commendable.

In a world where everyone is trying to change the other person to be like you, building a community where people can be themselves and contribute is not easy and it can be challenging. So much to unlearn and sometimes I think I should rename this to ‘the Journal of an Active Unlearner’.

I want to take this time to thank you all, who has been with me throughout and also people who have may be visited even once. And also thank all those people who have in one way or other inspired me to find something to write and talk about every single day.

What does the future hold. Here you go

  1. I continue this for 265 more days as this is a 365 days project.
  2. Since I decided to not have the weekly Minimal Agile Podcast, I thought I can use this place to share some of the Minimal Agile thought.
  3. Grow the Penpositive community around this blog and the Penpositive Outclass Project
  4. Use this platform and others to bring more people into journaling, blogging, podcasting and being Active Learners.
  5. And many more as I will find out in coming days, weeks, months and years

Join our Active Learning Community at Penpositive.Com today for FREE. And Be Content, Be Penpositive, Stay Safe and Please… Please… Be Kind…

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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