88/365 The struggle to be always correct

To be correct always is not possible; To always be wrong is also impossible. The only practical option is to continuously learn and unlearn. But who cares.. everyone just wants to be correct…. all the time….

I think we human beings have this constant struggle to be correct. From younger age we have been told so…. from home to classrooms to examination halls. Getting something wrong is a total NO.

But then when we grow up we realize being wrong is just the process of learning. And once you learn it does not mean you are correct. You are correct only till you are proved wrong. In which case you will have to shift into something that you did not know or even thought was previously wrong. you got to unlearn…

When a question is asked the immediate response is to come up with the correct answer… faster than anyone. Not to think and look at other alternatives. And if thinking and looking for other options don’t exist… the progress is also difficult. But again who cares, everyone is in a Quiz show with the hand on the button… who has time to think differently…. Conform my dear conform…

And is being correct the sign of an ideal human being. I don’t know.. but a few weeks back someone asked me a similar question as to who is an ideal human being and I had this answer

“I am not an ideal human being… And I don’t believe there is a single ideal concept… idealistic view can be a result of the limit of our ignorance and our inability to adapt and change… also by our inability to learn and unlearn… Qualities evolve over time for a sustainable collective existence” 

Is that complex..? I know.. it can be.. that is how the struggle to be correct is for me… be simple… let it unfold.. give time for it to reveal itself.. don’t rush there with the first answer that comes to your mind.. there can be a better one.. learn… unlearn….

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