49/365 What does family mean to us?

It runs in the family… family has your back… we are all a big family…. beyond our own ideas of a family… big or small.. over the years we have been come across many references of family. Always family is something that is close to you or brings you closer to someone else in this world unlike any other person.

Family has to be close knit is the rule of the thump I guess. They look out for each other…. They can have common goals… Many times it even trumps over individual aspirations.

We have heard so many stories of people having to give up their dreams and even their love just because family stood in between. How would those people think of family when asked. Personally for me family has been a great support and for that I would say I am lucky.

Not just my immediate family but also my extended family. I have seen not just my family come for my help, but also seen them help each other. If I were to dive deeper and be real honest, I think I have not been able to give back that same family emotion to others. Which I truly feel bad about.

An interesting piece I read recently was where someone was saying that companies call refer to their employees as a family and the argument is that it is done only to make people work harder and not feel bad when they have to put more effort and time at work.

While I honestly think work is not family as you call it… your family is your immediate family and people who depend on you and you love and your absence will create a serious vacuum… the company you work is nothing like that.. you are very replaceable and if not that is bad business for the company. So my advice is keep these separate.

But is there a family element at work. I think yes. I have had so many friends from my work.. many even friends now and we connect regularly even though we have not worked together for ages. And while at work you make very strong connections. For example when you want to look for a new job, it is often people who have worked with you before who come to your help. That is family in a way.

College life is also a family for me. We share a common space in this world. Our lives have intertwined for a period that has had so much impact in all our lives and even today there is a sense that we are there for each other.

Family is great and I think using it in any context can bring us a sense of togetherness that is beyond anything else. And Family is not about blood relationship.. it is beyond that… I will leave you all with a quote by Richard Bach

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”

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