44/365 Trying to use Social Media as a Stress Relief.

I know that some people mind find the title weird especially when lot of people have been talking of the ills of social media. And I do not deny it has its problems. In fact I myself have personally felt that and also feel that every now and then. But that is not my point. I have been trying to use it as a stress reliever.. more like a therapy.

The difference is I don’t use it as a consumer, but as a creator. I consume very less of social media, in fact the only consumption I do is the comments under my own posts. That itself can take a lot of time.

What interests me is being able to explore the possibilities of creation without thinking about the consumer. I know that also is against the rules, when everyone says know your consumer… For me as a creator who is using Social media for stress relief, the moment I am bothered about what people will think and feel about what I post I become very conscious. So I create mostly in a very impulsive way.

I might be in a great mood and I will do something funny and post it. some will like it some don’t and I would have had fun doing it. The issue however is people expect something from you and once we get ourselves burdened by these expectations.. personally I get stressed.

For meeting expectations and deadlines, I have my work. And if I have to do that on my social media usage that seems difficult.

Now there is a trap here as well… You can get sucked into using it more and that is an issue. So this is what I am trying now. Create content when you feel like. For example.. I am reading a book and sometimes I will feel like I have to take a picture and post. I am reminded of a poem and I will want to post it. I just feel I want to make a funny face I do it… I feel like I want to respond to an issue with passion.. I do it.

Except for my podcasts which I do daily and this writing exercise… pretty much everything is ad-hoc.. Not really… the video on book after every book that I read and two clubhouse rooms I do weekly.. rest all is ad-hoc. And what I have found is what comes natural and short is much better than what is created after a lot of thinking. At least for me… especially for Facebook, Insta kind of media. Long form is a Podcast world… more serious and thinking stuff.

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