39/365 An Act of Kindness

I end all my podcasts this way..“Be Content.. Be Penpositive… Be safe and please be kind…” and that has been my routine irrespective of the language the podcast is in. but I just realized I never speak much about Kindness. So let us spend some time on that..

I have been blessed with random acts of kindness all throughout my life and I should also say I have not been able to pay it forward the way I would always like to. And I wonder why that is so. Is it because I am less kind than others or is it because I am less aware or may be I am too preoccupied that I don’t see the world the way I used to before.

I will take that last one.. Preoccupied… yes that is a big reason… kindness can take time and you can only know that you have to do something or help someone if you can see the need for it.

We feel the need for many reasons I guess… One is that we feel for someone when we can imagine ourselves in their shoes. Another is when we recognize our privilege and decide to accept that and do something about it.

Sometimes we just feel to act in a kind way and we don’t even feel it is such a big thing. But the person who receives it knows it better. So kindness.. after all.. may not be what you do, but how it makes someone else feel.

If our very existence can create random acts of kindness more often… then may be that is what we should strive for. Making it like a way of life, without trying to hack it in anyway.

But if we cannot measure it how do we know we are on the right track. I guess we will not.. because an act of kindness need not be measured from our side. And many a time the little impact it makes is something we will never know of.

The fact remains that what we did yesterday does not matter any more today… live today and let go of the yesterday… look forward.. be kind…. move on…

Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Aesop from Aesop Tales “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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