37/365 Can you shake the world? Should we?

The world is changing.. some changes are good and some are not so. Either way we adapt to survive. This has been happening for thousands of years. Yes the change now is more accelerated than before and so should our ability to adapt.

In earlier days the world needed a bit of shaking because it used to be stagnant and constant for long durations and people in history had to come at regular times and shake it it up so others could adapt and become better.

New thoughts, ideas and ways of working and living. How you shake the world also mattered…. gentle.. aggressive.. political… quickly…. over time.. people have their choice of modus operandi…

I think it matters with the kind of change you wish to bring forth. In my personal way I have been doing something for a while and it has been a mix of all the above said ways and the reason for that is I have been experimenting a set of things over the past few years.

Not changes that will shake the world.. but may be to a small number of people I guess. And now it is time. When I look back I think what had happened was setting the context to embark on something.

I am excited as I move into this new phase. What is it…? well…. not yet… it will come in soon but I think we all can shake the world in small ways. some shake might be felt only by a few people unlike we are used to. But we should all strive to shake the world

Today’s post was inspired by a quote by Mahatma Gandhi “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

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