Think Big – Redefine Your Career Boundaries

The demands and rewards vary across professions. People are unique and so are their situations. It is also not surprising when a profession does not always come as a choice. There are times when it is the result of a need to earn a living and the availability of market opportunities.

That said the key to any profession is to make it most rewarding for you at the same time ensuring that the demands do not break you as a person. Everyone need to move in their profession. Move up or Move out. What do you think is your next career move?, What are your Learning Goals associated with your Profession?, What is needed for your next role? These are all questions you need to ask yourself often.

I cannot make a shift as I need Bills to pay
We have heard that from many people and it is a fair statement and you need to know that you are not alone. There are so many people who do not make changes to their profession or career because of this reason. Some people never change their jobs.

Again the aim is not to change, it is to be doing something you can connect with and is rewarding and meaningful to you. If you do not have bills to pay, may be you would do something else, may be you wont.

The key is to understand all facets of what and why you do something. Why are you in a job or a profession?

Want to explore new opportunities ?
Opportunity is something that exists within a profession or a job you do. The question is do you know about it, are you equipped to pursue it and what do you need to work on getting them. At PenPositive we do not think you are tied to one profession. You can pursue multiple professions to make sure you are able to expand and grow within you. It all starts with sitting down with a paper and listing out and itemizing your career goals.

Not Happy with your Job?
First you need to check if no one in your profession is happy or is it just you. If it is everyone then you need to change what you do for a living. If it is just you, you have two routes to take. Check what makes you unhappy in the job and try to change that. Check if you can change roles within the job. If nothing works pursue other avenues. First find the root cause.

Shifting from one job to another without a valid reason is not going to make you happy.