Get Your Teen to start Writing

I am presenting before you a case to promote both reading and writing among teenagers with a focus on publishing a book before they graduate High School. It is build on the philosophy that for teenagers writing is a skill that will help them in acquiring the skills needed to articulate imagination into words.

Not just Teens but also their Parents who can plan and tend their interest for Writing in a fun way.

Read this if you have a Teen Kid
The natural progression of most teenagers are to finish high school and get into a college for an additional education that can equip them to start their career. But this is also one of the most important periods of their life that shape their understanding of the world and what they want to do with/in their life.

As a Parent how do you help your TEEN in using this most important time of their life to the fullest?

Parents often insist kids to read at home daily but when it comes to writing, it is not always insisted. Even when we know that the ability to write well is one of the most important (often coveted) skill they will need in their college and career.

Through projects, writing prompts, webinars, group and individual sessions online we can instill the love for writing. Not just your teen but you can all participate as a family

Why should Teens focus on Writing?
Writing helps you to articulate your thoughts and imagination using the power of words. This is a skill not just for fun but something that will help you in your life and career ahead. There are so many grownups in the world who wish they knew to write better, even professional emails.

Writing is your step to understanding the world articulating your understanding and preparing yourself.

Isn’t Publishing a Book is Tough?
True writing a book is not easy and it takes commitment, time, imagination and knowledge of a subject. But Publishing what you have already written has become much more easier and cheaper in the Digital world .

It is the Journey of Writing that will transform you and you should look at publishing as the result of it.

How do you Start?
The most important thing you need to get started is an interest for words and a commitment to dedicate some time regularly to write. There are also techniques to come up with ideas, plots, research on what you want to write and so on by building a Writing Calendar. But first and foremost is a commitment and wish to start. To get started try doing these exercises with your Kids.

CREATIVE PROJECT #1 – Two Line Responses
Two line responses is a unique way to bring your creative juices to work. One person daily picks us two lines or a poem and shares with others. The folks who get the two lines read it once and then they write two lines of what comes into their mind. Don’t bother rhyming them, just write what comes to your mind. You continue this for a week and then collate them and send to us and we will publish on our Blog.

CREATIVE PROJECT #2 – Ten Words 10 Lines
This can be done daily or once a week as time permits for you. one of the members selects 10 words and gives to the others. Each person then takes the 10 words and makes ten sentences out of the words one after the other to make a 10 line poem. You could also try writing a 10 sentence micro fiction using one of the words in each sentence. Capitalize the given words so you know it is all used.