Sprint Positive

Sprint is a common terminology among software teams working on the scrum framework. For those who are new, Sprint is a one to four week iteration that includes a few ceremonies and at the end of which you deliver a Software increment. It is also the way teams learn to ‘Be Agile’. But the reality is that while sprints happen, the learning and
software increment does not happen that easily.

Teams meticulously follow two week time boxes expecting new results to happen. A Coach can make a difference. But what should be the coaching strategy, should you hire a coach, and if so how long, What will it cost. Often companies and teams are unsure. This is where Sprint Positive comes into picture.

Through Sprint Positive we make things easier for companies and teams to kick start and engage. Instead of getting a coach on a long term basis we make the coaching support available on a sprint basis. Here is how a Sprint Positive engagement would work for a two week sprint.

Initial one hour discovery call ($300 but Free if you decide not to proceed). You don’t see value you don’t pay. Once you decide to move ahead you add the $300 to the total value and a Sprint Positive engagement looks as follows:
Discovery/coaching Sessions with Scrum Master and Product Owner Together (2.5 Hrs)
Attend Sprint Planning Session (4 Hrs)
Attend retrospective (1.5 Hr)
Attend Sprint Review (2 Hrs)
Attend 4 Daily Stand ups over two weeks (1 Hr)
We will end a Sprint Positive Session with a set of action items and learnings for team to work on

Though you can engage us for multiple consecutive sprints, our recommendation is not to do that. Engage us for one sprint and then reconnect after a few sprints. This will help the team to get more self organized and build a coaching culture internally.

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